Women’s Golf News – October 10, 2017

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May 11, 2017
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October 17, 2017

Women’s Golf News – October 10, 2017

Women’s Golf News … Tuesday 10th October 2017


• Donations welcome for our Christmas Charity ‘Kickstart for Kids’. Presents must be wrapped and labelled. Request for more presents for 9-11 year old boys.

• Melbourne Cup Luncheon 7th Nov. Mixed competition in the morning. $39 lunch – book at bar. No comp. on Executive 50.

• Presentation Day 24th October. Novelty stableford comp, using 3 clubs only.


• Christmas Party in December – performers very welcome! • Open Day at Wirrina 10th November. 18 hole stableford. $25. • Blackwood Open Day 21st November.

• Members please do not take shortcuts to the 12th tee.

• Trade Day this Friday – no ladies golf comp.

• Explanation and discussion regarding new wallet system, being introduced 1st November. Specifically how it affects sponsorships and donations. S Humble participated in questions and discussion.

Patawalonga Results – Friday

Winner: R Sigal (42 pts)
Ball Winners: G Allen (40), M Gregg (40), C Smart (39), N Davey (39), A Parkin (37), J Laslett (36), V Meeke (35)
Birdies: A Parkin, S Faithfull, J Van de worp, R Sigal (x2)

Executive 50 Results: Tuesday

A Grade Winner: P Glover (+4)
Balls: J Davies (+3), G Tresize (+3)
B Grade Winner: M Beerworth (+5)
Balls: J Clark (+5), A Gilbourne (+2), J Stewart, R Fenwick
Birdies: none NTP: none

Patawalonga Results: Tuesday. Sponsor – Pam Van Niekerk

A Grade Winner: M Dawson (+2 )
Ball Winners: B Holland (0)
B Grade Winner: P Burns (+2 )
Ball Winners: R Sigal (0), L Davidson (-1), A Parkin (-1)
C Grade Winner: R Hirth (0 )
Ball Winners: S Crawford (0), C Henshell (0), M Campbell (0), S Willson (-1), S Roe (-1) NTP – A Hall, L Auld