Women’s Golf News March 20th

Women’s Golf News March 13th
March 15, 2018
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March 29, 2018

Women’s Golf News March 20th

Women’s Golf News Tuesday 20th March, 2018


  • An Easter raffle is currently being run and will be drawn Tuesday 27th March. No lucky squares whilst this is running.
  • Name badges – can be ordered from the committee and are $15 each
  • Models are wanted for the Westfield Westlakes fashion day
  • The club said farewell to Dorothy Clements who has been a member for 31 years. Also Annie Byles who is going to play at Regency Park as it is much closer to home for her.


          Today was the first round of the Laurel Wreath and as such there was no           other competition on the Patawalonga course.  The Laurel Wreath results         are on the board.

Patawalonga Results – Friday 16th March

Winner: S. Green (42pts) $20

  1. Phair (39) $10 cb S. Donnellan (39) $10

Ball Winners: N. Davey (38) cb P. Gardner (38), L. Badger (38), S. Willson (37) all $4

Executive 50 Results: Tuesday 20th March, 2018

          Winner: M. Beerworth (33) $20

  1. Patton (32) $10, P. Glover (31) $4, G. Falloon (3) $4, J. Davies (29) $4,
  2. van der Zwaag (28) $4


Patawalonga Results:  Tuesday 20th March, 2018

          NO COMP



Birthdays: M. Hill