Women’s Golf News February 20th 2018

Women’s Golf News February 13th 2018
February 16, 2018
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March 8, 2018

Women’s Golf News February 20th 2018

Women’s Golf News Tuesday 20th February, 2018


  • President Allie welcomed everyone to the Opening Day of the 2018 Winter Season.  Special welcome to Denise Gillman, Joan O’Malley, Marcia Bennett and Marion Trevorah.
  • Thank you to the Pro Shop for the sponsorship of the day and their donation of the major raffle prize of a golf bag.
  • Thank you to Rose Clark for her raffle donation of a hanging herb garden.
  • Thank you to the Ladies of the Executive 50 course for their help in setting up the clubhouse before playing their golf.
  • Thank you to the Ladies Committee for their organisation for today too.
  • A new blue folder is in the Ladies locker room and this has the weekly golf news in it as well as being on the website. There is also a notice board in the passageway for notices of Open Days etc.
  • Westward Ho history books are available from the office for $5.


Summer Trophy Presentations.

Summer Eclectic Patawalonga:  Winner: N. Davey       Sponsor:  J. Laslett

Summer Eclectic Executive 50:  Winner: P. Glover       Sponsor: J. Masters

Most Reduced Handicap Exec 50:  Winner: J. Davies  Sponsors: T. Koutsonikos and N. Williams

Patawalonga Most Reduced Handicap and winner of the Ruth Ellard Trophy

Winner: F. Goodsell.  This was sponsored by Lee Baker who gave a most informative talk on the origin of the trophy and about Ruth Ellard.


Patawalonga Results:  Tuesday 20th  February, 2018

Today’s event was a 9 hole Ambrose.

Winners: I. Sobolewski, C. Phair, M. Campbell, F. Goodsell

Runners up: A. Parkin, K. Burr, S. Green, L. Graske

NTP: C. Smart (2)  S. Crawford (5)

Captain Judy also gave a welcoming address to the members for the new season.  She also advised that this season the Monthly Medals will not be over 3 grades each month,  but will only be awarded to the top qualifier for the month, both for the Patawalonga and the Executive 50 courses.

Executive 50 Results: Tuesday 20th February, 2018

Winners: G. Patton, J. Davies, J. van Pelt, H. Bitmead

Runners up: M. Beerworth, Joan Clark, A. van der Zwaag, R. Fenwick

NTP: G. Falloon (9)

Patawalonga Results:  Friday 16th February, 2018

Winner: S. Roe (+5) cb J. Taylor (+5)  $20 each

  1. Davey (+3), G. Allen (-1) cb A. Parkin (-1) all $4

Birdies: N. Davey (14), J. Taylor (10) $4 each