Women’s Golf News August 21st, 2018

Women’s Golf News
April 18, 2018
Women’s Golf News August 28th, 2018
August 29, 2018

Women’s Golf News August 21st, 2018

Women’s Golf News Tuesday  21st August, 2018.


  • The Sponsor for both courses today – Jan van de Worp
  • Lucky Square Winners: H. Baker $15, G. Patton $10, M. Boylan $5
  • Ladies are encouraged to attend the AGM on 5th September as there are 2 proposals to make a change to the Constitution as follows:-
  • to have Ladies Captain on the board
  • Ladies Captain and Vice Captain to go to match committee meetings.
  • For these changes to happen we need a two thirds majority. Your vote is important!
  • **SITUATIONS VACANT** – the position of Ladies Vice President is still vacant. If you would like to nominate yourself or someone else, please see a committe member to get the form.
  • Any complaints regarding the golf course please talk to the committee not the pro shop.



Patawalonga Results – Friday 17th August, 2018

Winner:  C. Booth (40 pts)         $20

Runner up: A. Parkin (38) $10

Ball Winners: L. Cornelius (37) cb S. Roe (37), M. Campbell (37) all $4

Executive 50 Results: Tuesday 21st August, 2018

          Sponsor: Jan van de Worp

          Winner: Joan Clark (+7) $25 cb

Runner up: A. Gilbourne (+7) $20

Ball rundown: R. Fenwick (+6), A. van der Zwaag (+3), S. Greenfield (+2), G. Trezise (+1) cb M Beerworth (+1) all $4

Birdies:  S. Greenfield (15) $4

NTP: S. Greenfield (15) $4

Patawalonga Results:  Tuesday 21st August, 2018

          Sponsor: Jan van de Worp

          Overall Winner: L. Cornelius (+3) cb (K. Harris) winner $40

          A Grade Winner: C. Booth (+3) $15

B Grade Winner: L. Wundke (+2) $15

C Grade Winner:  K. Harris (+3) $15

Ball Winners: A. Parkin (+2) cb M. Campbell (+2), L. Auld (square) all $4

Birdies – S. Green (9), J. Langshaw (12) all $4

NTP   –  C. Booth (5), A. Parkin (16) all $4


Southern Challenge: team lost 4 1/2 to the Vines.  Blackwood won the Shield.

Westward Ho was well represented at the Dunes, Port Hughes last Friday for their open day.  Nell Williams, Tess Koutsonikos, Joy Mitton, Luanne Hryhorec and Sue Watson.  A good time was had by all.