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June 6, 2018
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Women’s Golf News

Women’s Golf News Tuesday 19th June, 2018


  • The Quiz night held last Friday raised over $1500.00. Winners of the raffle on the night were, Mary Beerworth – Accommodation voucher at West Beach Parks, Vicki Meeke – Bamix, Julie Nancarrow – hamper of various goodies.
  • Lucky Square Winners: J. Davies $15, A. van der Zwaag $10, L. Cornelius $5
  • Guest Day next Tuesday. Sponsored by Drummond Golf who have donated a golf bag worth $289 as 1st prize in the raffle.  They will also have racks of clothing etc there on the day.
  • Green fees for guests will be $21 + $6 competition fee on the Patawalonga course and $15 green fees for the Exec 50 course. Guests can purchase lunch at membership prices by quoting their playing partners number.
  • Cherilyn Phair was having hand surgery today and we wish her a speedy recovery and return to golf.
  • Card day will be Wednesday 8th August and there will be a trading table too.


Patawalonga Results – Friday 15th June, 2018

Winner:  A. Parkin (37 pts)

cb M. Dawson (37) both $15, S. Bills (36) cb T. Koutsonikos (35),

  1. Booth (34) all $4

Executive 50 Results: Tuesday 19th June, 2018

          Sponsor: G. Patton

          Winner: R. Fenwick (40) $25

  1. van der Zwaag (44) $10, Joan Clark (45) $10

Ball rundown: G. Patton (51), G. Trezise (52), Jean Clark (53), J. van Pelt (53),

  1. Beerworth (53), all $4

Birdies: A. van der Zwaag (11) $4

NTP: Joan Clark (15) $4

Patawalonga Results:  Tuesday 19th June, 2018

          Sponsor:  Karin Harris

          Overall winner:  S. Crawford (75 nett) $40 voucher

          A Grade Winner: N. Williams  (78)

B Grade Winner:  V. Meeke  (77)

C Grade Winner:  S. Bills  (75)

Ball rundown: F. Goodsell (76), J. Taylor (78) both $4

Birdie:  C. Spangler (5) $4

NTP: T. Koutsonikos (12) $4


Patawalonga 9 Hole Results:  Tuesday 19th June, 2018

Winner:  S. Green (36 nett) $4


Birthdays:-  V. Meeke, R. Brown, S. Bills

Cleek report: Played at Royal Adelaide V Glenelg.  WWHo lost

Hickory report: Played at North Adelaide V The Vines.  WWHo won 3/2