Women’s Golf News 25th September, 2018

Women’s Golf News 18th September, 2018
September 19, 2018
Women’s Golf News 2nd October, 2018
October 3, 2018

Women’s Golf News 25th September, 2018


Women’s Golf News Tuesday  25th September, 2018


  • Congratulations to the winners of the Club Championships and the runners-up
  • Today they received a plant and on Presentation Day our Sponsor, Drummond Golf will donate vouchers
  • Lucky Square Winners: M. Mason $15, F. Goodsell $10, D. Betterman $5
  • Rose Clark’s husband Merv has had a stroke and is in Hampstead Rehab.


          Thank you to all the supporters of today’s championships.  Also, thank you to

          all the umpires and caddies.


          A Grade:  Sue Larcombe def Tess Koutsonikos 10/8

          B Grade: Leila Auld def Moira Dawson 3/2

          C Grade: Ros Hirth def Freddie Goodsell 1 up

Exec. 50: J. Davies 204 def M. Trevorah 225

Patawalonga Results – Friday 21st September, 2018

          No competition due to a Trade Day.

Executive 50 Results: Tuesday 25th September, 2018

Winner: A. van der Zwaag (40 points) $20

NTP: Joan Clark $4

Patawalonga Results:  Tuesday 25th September, 2018

          17 Ladies played a 9 hole Stableford competition.

          Overall Winner: L. Graske (21 points) $25

Runners up: M. Mason (17) cb L. Badger (17) both $10