Women’s Golf News

Women’s Golf News
April 18, 2018
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May 2, 2018

Women’s Golf News

Women’s Golf News Tuesday  24th April, 2018


  • Today was the final of the Club Foursomes, a big thank you to the Umpires of each grade. Moira Dawson, Robyn Sigal and Brionne Vorwerk 
  • Mother’s Day raffle tickets are still on sale
  • New club T-Shirts are still a work in progress
  • New Ladies Honour board is also still a work in progress
  • Could all members please ensure that the WWHo office has an emergency contact phone number for you in the event of a medical emergency, so they know who to contact
  • Westfield Fashion day, we will be starting on two tees, the 1st and 10th
  • Monday 7th – Cleek and Hickory practice
  • Birthdays – N. Davey


          Next week, 1st May – Monthly Medal and count putts.

          Shylie Rymill competition still has vacancies.  This is a one day event only.


Patawalonga Results – Friday  20th April, 2018

Winner:   L. Davidson (+4) $20

Ball rundown: S. Willson (+1) $10 cb S. Watson (+1) $4, J. Laslett ( -1) $4

  1. Gardner (-2) $4 cb S. Bills (-2) $4, J. van de Worp (-3) $4


Executive 50 Results: Tuesday 24th April, 2018

Foursomes Final – Sponsored by Peter Ormsby and The Pro Shop

Winners: Gaye Patton and Ruth Fenwick (126)

Runners up: Mary Beerworth and Josie van Pelt (132)


Patawalonga Results:  Tuesday 24th April, 2018

Finals of the Club Foursomes, A, B and C Grades

A Grade Winners: Judith Langshaw and Sharon Green

Runners up: Tess Koutsonikos and Nell Williams

B Grade Winners: Vicki Meeke and Cherilyn Phair

Runners up:  Joan Taylor and Alle Goldsworthy

C Grade Winners:  Karin Harris and Sheila Roe

Runners up:  Helene Reade and Lyndal Graske


A 9 Hole stableford was held for non participants

          Winner:  Simone van Vught (20) $20

          Ball rundown: Jan Henningsen (18), Marg Campbell (17), Marlene Mason (16) all $4


Other:  Executive 50 Monthly Medal winner – Ann van der Zwaag