Geoff Wickham


I joined the Westward Ho Golf Club early in 2012. In that time I have spent at least a couple days a week enjoying the facilities. The two areas that have had the most impact on me has been the quality of the of the course, its ongoing improvement and the friendly atmosphere within the club created by its members. It certainly lives up to its reputation as the “happy club”. I should have joined years ago.

Denise Gillman

Surrey England

Westward Ho is a great place to make friends!Newly arrived from England I decided to join the Try Golf sessions at Westward Ho as although I played before in England, a few lessons never do you any harm. What a friendly and supportive group I found. I was welcomed to the club and soon made to feel part of the family. It does not matter what standard you are in golf, everyone is encouraged to join in the sporting and social life of the club.

John Dohety


When I joined Westward Ho in the middle of last year, I didn't realize how good it was going to be! The greens are in excellent condition and the varous views of the fairways whilst playing a round are very picturesque. There is a broad range of membership and I have always been warmly welcomed. The clubhouse amenities are first class. There is a very good bar and a fine selection of snacks to choose from.I have one major regret. I'm sorry I didn't join years ago!

Christine Hayes


On retirement from work last April and after almost a twenty year absence from golf, I elected to join Westward Ho Golf Club. The choice of club was relatively easy - not only was Westward Ho much closer to home, but I remembered from Open Days way back then, how friendly and outgoing the members were. Not only has the golf course undergone significant improvement since that period and is currently in magnificent condition despite the drought, but the same friendly atmosphere in the Club remains unchanged. The Committee and Lady Members make every effort to ensure all newcomers are made to feel welcome, even providing a "Buddy" system until new members feel comfortable and settled. I personally feel that one of the points of difference resulting in the easy camaraderie at Westward Ho could well be attributed to the weekly competition draw for playing partners which ensures all members mix with other players and then also knowing that they are all being treated fairly in regard to tee times. Joining Westward Ho was a great decision. I've made many new friends and even though we may well be serious about our golf - I am having lots of fun too at Westward Ho! I'm sorry I didn't join years ago!