Ladies Newletter 24-10-17

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October 17, 2017
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December 21, 2017

Ladies Newletter 24-10-17

Women’s Golf News … Tuesday  24 October 2017


  • Melbourne Cup Day – golf comp. A, B & C grade. NTP and straightest drive prizes. Luncheon $39/ head includes drink on arrival, 2 course meal, free sweep ticket. Many prizes.
  • New wallet system – petition sent. Letter also sent requesting meeting between Ladies representatives and Board representatives.
  • Lucky Square Winners: $15 – R Clark; $10 – M Trevorah; $5 – J Miller

Patawalonga Results – Friday 

Winner:  C Phair   (+5). 2nd – J Hewett (+4), 3rd – N Davey (+3), 4th – L Davidson (+3)

Ball Winners: J Henningson (+2), L Cock (+1), V Meeke (+1), S Watson (0)

Executive 50 Results: Tuesday

Winner: M Beerworth (21), A Gilbourne (19), P Glover

NTP: E Cutting

Patawalonga Results:  Tuesday – 9 hole Novelty round

Winner:  A Fudge (19), L Hryhorec (19), A Parkin (19)

NTP  – T Koutsonikos


Eclectic – Executive : SPONSOR – B Price

          Winner: P Glover

Eclectic: Patawolonga: SPONSOR – L Badger

          Winner: R Sigal

Shylie Rymill Foursomes: SPONSOR – GOLF SA

          Winners: C Smart, S Willson

Laurel Wreath: SPONSOR – GOLF SA, L Olah, Westward Ho Club

          Winner: K Burr

          R/up: S Hall

Memorial Trophy:  SPONSOR – M Bennett

          Winner : P Glover

International Bowl – Silver : SPONSOR – GOLF SA

          Winner: J Langshaw

International Bowl – Bronze: SPONSOR – GOLF SA

          Winner: M Gregg

International Salver: SPONSOR – GOLF SA

          Winnner: L Hryhorec

Ladies Members Cup: SPONSOR – Board of Management

          Winner : F Goodsell

Ladies President Putting Trophy:  SPONSOR – L Cornelius

          Winner : S Larcombe

Ladies Vice President Trophy: SPONSOR – A Goldsworthy

          Winner: P Glover

Captains Trophy: SPONSOR – B Holland

          Winner: F Pettinghill

Vice Captains Trophy: SPONSOR – J Langshaw

          Winner : J Clark

Freda Strachan Over 80’s Trophy – Executive : SPONSOR – F Strachan

          Winner: M Trevorah

Butterfield Trophy:

Winner: J Van Pelt

Geda Kite Memorial Trophy:  SPONSOR – Ladies Committee

          Winner: M Gregg

Handicap Foursomes – Executive 50: SPONSORS – J Clark & E Cutting, R Clark & B Vorwerk

          Winner: M Beerworth, G Patton

          R/up: A Gilbourne, P Glover


          C Grade:     

                   Winners: P Van Niekerk, R Clark

                   R/Ups: S Roe, K Harris

          B Grade:

                   Winners: C Phair, S Hall

                   R/Ups: L Davidson, L Hryhorec

          A Grade:

                   Winners: B Vorwerk, R Sigal

                   R/Ups: M Dawson, L Cornelius

General Manager – S Humble Trophy: SPONSOR – S Humble

          Executive 50 Winner: J Spitalis

          Patawalonga Winner: L Auld

Championships – Executive 50:

          Div 2:  SPONSOR – M Trevorah & Lady Members

          Winner: A Gilbourne

R/up: J Van Pelt

          Div 1:  SPONSOR – K Burr

          Winner: J Davies

          R/up : P Glover

Championships – Patawalonga: SPONSOR – Westward Ho Golf Club

          A Grade : S Larcombe

          B Grade: B Clapp

          C Grade: P Van Niekerk

Club Championships – Patawalonga: SPONSORS – J Hewett, Lady Members, V Meeke, K Burr, S Green

          C Grade: Winner – J Hewett

                             R/Up: K Harris

          B Grade: Winner – R Sigal

                             R/Up: V Meeke

          A Grade: Winner – T Koutsonikos

                             R/Up: M Dawson

Marlene Way Trophy: SPONSOR – B Choat, M Middleton

          Executive 50 Winner: J Davies

          Patawalonga Winner: K Harris

Player of the Year – Executive 50: SPONSOR – N Maloney. 

Winner : P Glover

Player of the Year – Patawalonga:   SPONSOR – F Strachan. 

Winner: F Goodsell