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October 17, 2017
Women’s Golf News
April 18, 2018

Women’s Golf News Tuesday  3rd APRIL, 2018


  • Mothers Day raffle tickets are now available. The first prize is a South Sea pearl and black Spinel necklace valued at $500 made and donated by Kip Wilckens Jeweller.  2nd Prize – Champagne, 3rd Prize – Chocolates .  Tickets are $5 each.
  • Guest Day is definitely 26th June not in July as is in the front of our new diaries
  • Lucky Square Winners: $15 S. Watson, G. Rothwell $10, A. Fudge $5
  • Barbara Clapp was farewelled today. She is going to Kooyonga.  We wish her well.



New rules will be coming in on the 1st January, 2019.  Printed copies of these

          will be distributed at a later date.

          Next Tuesday is the first round of the Foursomes and for those not taking part

          there will be a Stableford competition following the foursomes.


Patawalonga Results – Friday 30th March – No golf due to a trade day 


Executive 50 Results: Tuesday 3rd April, 2018

          Today’s sponsor – Kath Coombs

Winner: A. van der Zwaag (nett 39) $25

Place getters: M. Beerworth (46), R. Fenwick (49), P. Glover (51) all $4

Birdies: P. Glover (7), A. Gilbourne (12), A. van der Zwaag (3), M. Beerworth (12), all $4

NTP: J. Davies (15) $4

Patawalonga Results:  Tuesday 3rd April, 2018

          Sponsor – Barbara Clapp

          Monthly Medal winner – Joan Taylor (nett 76) $40

A Grade Winner: S. Watson (78) $25

B Grade Winner: G. Rishworth   (76) $25

C Grade Winner: K. Harris (77) $25 

Ball Winners: D. Betterman (77), F. Goodsell (77), S. Larcombe (78),   

  1. Sigal (79) all $4

Birdies – N. Williams (8) $4

NTP   – R. Sigal (16) $4



Cleek and Hickory Captains, Joan Taylor and Vicki Meeke advised that there will be putting practice after Friday golf on the 7th May.


BIRTHDAYS – J. Laslett, H. Bitmead, J. Punch, C. Spangler, P. Swift