Women’s Golf News 10th July 2018

Women’s Golf News 3rd July, 2018
July 4, 2018

Women’s Golf News 10th July 2018

Women’s Golf News Tuesday 10th July, 2018


  • President welcomed everyone to the President V Captain teams event today
  • If there is a sponsor for the Tuesday golf then the overall winner receives a $40 voucher from the sponsor and also a certificate designed by Vice President, Brionne Vorwerk.
  • Birthdays – J. Taylor, J. O’Malley, F. Pettingill, G. Trezise, A. van der Zwaag, J. Hewett, J. Jamieson
  • Lucky Square Winners: A. Parkin $15, R. Fenwick $10, V. Meeke $5
  • Card Day – 8th August. $15 per ticket which includes light lunch and bottomless tea and coffee. There is also a raffle and a trading table.  Contributions to either the trading table or the raffle will be appreciated.
  • The new club T-Shirt is now availabe in the office for those who have ordered them.
  • The Cleek and Hickory finals were held on Monday 9th July at Westlakes. Cleek results – Royal Adelaide def Tea Tree Gully 3/2.  Hickory results – North Adelaide def Mt. Osmond 3/2.



Patawalonga Results – Friday 6th July, 2018

Winner:   C. Booth (+1) $10

Ball Winners: S. Bills (0), M. Middleton (-1) both $4

Executive 50 Results: Tuesday 10th July, 2018

          Winner: J. van Pelt (38) $25

          Ball rundown: R. Fenwick (34), A. Gilbourne (33) cb G. Falloon (33), G. Trezise

          (32) cb M. Beerworth (32) all $4

NTP: G. Trezise (15) $4

Patawalonga Results:  Tuesday 10th July, 2018

          Sponsor: L. Hryhorec – $40 Pro Shop voucher

          Overall winner: L. Wundke (40 points) $40 Pro Shop voucher

          A Grade Winner: C. Booth (38) $20

B Grade Winner: V. Meeke (37) $20

C Grade Winner:  J. Hewett (39) $20

Ball Winners: C. Spangler, F. Goodsell, S. Green, J. Taylor all $4

Birdies – C. Booth (10), J. Nancarrow (14) both $4

NTP   – M. Campbell (2), C. Booth (12) both $4

Patawalonga 9 Hole Results: Tuesday 10th July, 2018

          Winner:  J. Masters (17 points) $4


The Pro Shop is going to have a HUGE sale in the next couple of weeks with BIG discounts, so keep an eye on that.